Monday, March 29, 2010

What we can know about emotions?

Tonight, now, im preparing the Student Centered Learning a.k.a SCL for tomorrow's class with the Dean of Medical Faculty CUCMS, Prof Hatta Shaharom. The topic is 'Emotional Disease'.

I feel very fascinated while studying and preparing about emotions. As I encountered so many stressing and demotivated moments along this month, I feel very grateful that I can learn about emotions and stress; 2 things that really can mess up my days. In malay we say jiwa kacau.

Prof Hatta did send an email containing the topic guidelines so that we can prepare for the discussion part. I believe it will be more interactive session which I hope it won't make us feel sleepy and 'absence seizure' in during the class. =p

As I'm preparing my SCL, I found really good information regarding emotions and stress. How it really can affect human's life and behaviour. I can see how interesting is human being that has been created with such a wonderful sence, emotions.

Basically, emotions do not just happen to people. Based on my understanding, we feel bad or negative about a person or situation because we used to face almost similar event that trigger the emotions.

More important to know, where is the control lobe in human brain that manage our emotions. When a part of the brain is damaged, definitely our emotions will be unstable and this will affect our behaviour towards the environment or surroundings.

Emotions can be positive and negative. When we feel happy, some chemicals are released within our body and will stimulate greater energy, motivation and positive perception toward ourselves. We tend to smile and feel good all times.

But what about negative emotions? Like anger, fear, disgust and depression? For your information, when we encounter that bad feelings, which we tend to ignore, and keep inside our heart, some chemical reactions will occur in our body that are different to the positive chemical mentioned above. Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body or in the aura can cause serious illness, including cancer, arthritis, and many types of chronic illnesses. Dangerous right?

Well I am not the one who are expert to talk about emotions. I'm still learning about life and I believe it's strongly related to how we manage our own emotions. Maybe today we feel sad and stress about our life, but it's ok, maybe today's experience will be our great values to survive in this on-going challenging life.

Hope this sharing will benefit you, as Nizam Malek Blog readers. Let's color our life with colorido (colorful in Italian languange) emotions. =) Nite all!

Nizam Malek,
Your amigo (Your friend in Portuguese language)



Anonymous said...

nice sharing!
enjoy ur day.. ;)

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