Friday, January 8, 2010

Bye-bye holidays ; )

Finally, the holidays are reaching the last days.

It seems to be short, but actually I have utilized almost one month. One month, 4 weeks were just fine for me. What have I done with my free times? Let me recall.

Yes, one of the biggest things that I did within this holidays was building this Nizam Malek Blog. I am very pleased to achieve what I have planned since last semester. And I hope that I can continue writing consistently in this blog although incoming semester is expected to be more packed.

Thanks to my late friend at Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan (KMNS), Hasri Daniel who has helped me finding good looking template. I wish that your photography business will be successful. =)

I do received some positive and negative comments regarding this blog. Some friends said that this blog is nice, informative and interesting which have really 'enlighten' my mood. Thanks for those who can appreciate my presentation of ideas and writing.

It's the same to friends who are willing to support my blog by being the followers. At first I wonder who would be interested to follow, but excitingly, Nizam Malek Blog has 8 followers all together now. Really thanks guys!!

At the same time, I did receive some negative comments such as this blog is too schematic, the contents sometimes dull and others.

It's ok, I do appreciate the comments too, because we can improve when there are advice or complaints. That is what I learnt when I worked as a Customer Service Assistant at Jusco almost 3 years ago. Without negative comments, we would be 'syok sendiri', right? =)

Ok, that's about blog. Other than that, within this holidays, I have managed to add up some weight as planned. It was done through proper diet and exercise. I hope to continue this regimen when I am at Cyberjaya later on.

Pulai Springs Resort
Maybe some friends are lucky and able to fly to other countries to enjoy their holidays, but mostly I spend my holidays at home. During last christmas, my family and I just spent times at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor Bahru. It was really near to my house. Hehe. Anyway, I am already grateful with that. Maybe next holidays we can fly to overseas? Who knows. =P

Ohya, every evening 6.30pm monday to thursday, me and my younger brother and sister will 'tercongok' in front of the TV to watch 'Cinta Balqis'.

~Cinta Balqis~

Yes, Cinta Balqis. It's a story that full with conflict and difficulties. Anyway, just 'layan~'. =)

I am happy to be able helping my mum to manage things regarding my younger brother schooling. I have tried my best to help, and I know, it's not easy to be parents to raise a child. So I am determined to study hard and have good jobs to build up well happy family later on. I want to be a good dad and husband. InsyaAllah. =)

How about business? Yes, I have learnt a lot during this holidays about marketing and business strategies. It's very interesting to find knowledge yourself and be able to apply them.

Whose money is this?

I am sad that I will be slowing down in this business matter because it's for sure I will be busy with my course work next semester. But it will not stop me to keep reading and learning about things that I love to know. Hope that new semester will be good for me and other colleagues.

I have nothing much to regret about my holidays. I feel satisfied. And I'm ready to come back to campus. I have another 3 semester to finish my pharmacy degree. I wish to do well and planned to continue working at Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru. Really near my house (jalan kaki pun sampailah, hahah..).

But dont forget, I will be facing the last semester examination result. Will it be a nightmare? Wuhuu~ It's ok. I have nothing to worry. I have done my very best. Tawakkal with open arms are the best way at this times. What ever the result, it only represents my effort during the last semester.

So keep up the good result. I believe it!
Last post of my holidays time. Good bye holidays, new semester here I come!!


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