Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Current progress

Yuhuu, baru saja selesaikan editing Research Proposal Slides dan Questionnaires!

Rasa berbaloilah walaupun tak dapat pergi dinner bersama Perdana Menteri Dato Seri Najib kat PICC malam ni.
Inilah yang dinamakan pengorbanan demi research project terchentha ini. I am working very hard to settle my jobs as soon as possible.

Kenape nak cepat-cepat sangat? Mestilah. Kena kejar masa. Lepas ni mesti lagi banyak kerja, lab report, study, my lovely business, cusps project, young mercy program dan macam-macam lagi lah.

I have no more times to berlengah-lengah.

Baru saja email 2 file penting tu kepada supervisor. Mungkin ok, mungkin kena hentam.

I am very scared of the citation and referencing part. Im not really sure the correct way to write them.

Tapi takpe, I will do anything to improve.

Please scold me, please teach me. Im hunger and thirsty for knowledge. =P

For the time being, my research proposal slides is consider settled, questionnaires will be revised and tested before being distributed and I have also started writing thesis write up.

3 work done in a time, but very worth it!! =D

Few hours ago also I have called my dad to say that I am doing research about dispensing separation. He gave support and some ideas how to do it.

Thanks for your opinions and tips, abah. =)

The challenges have already started, I have to be ready to work harder to achieve the expectation.

InsyaAllah to gain something from this research.


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