Thursday, January 21, 2010

The innovation of PCR

This morning, my 3rd year bpharm colleagues and I have attended a talk of scientific research presentation entitled PCR, Real Time PCR Principles & Applications at InventQJaya CUCMS building, Cyberjaya.

This talk was successfully organized by co-operation between Analisa Resources (M) Sdn Bhd, Faculty of Pharmacy of CUCMS as well as the Foundation School of CUCMS.

Special thanks to Brother Razlan Abd Rahman for inviting us to this very interesting program. I really appreciate and I believe so do my other colleagues.
The talk has been given by Mr Ooi Keat Soon, the Applications Specialist, Analisa Resources (M) Sdn Bhd. Started with the presentation of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) introduction as a basic knowledge in biochemistry, DNA studies and also bioengineering, Mr Keat Soon has calmly explained regarding the Real Time PCR which I found it really interesting to know.

As I was taught in the class that PCR itself is a great technique to amplify DNA template to possibly billion of copies, I believe that Analisa Resources has done a very good job on their research to innovate such knowledge to provide better solutions in regards of the disadvantages present in the normal PCR technique.

PCR is already quite a big and such complicated studies to be delivered. In addition, to capture audiences attention regarding new discovery of Real Time PCR at a time is very challenging, I supposed. However, with a systematic planning, the organizers have 'cleverly' prepared a set of questions regarding the important information of the talk to each participant to allow better understanding.

I think this system is really good to give the audiences the chance to follow the sequence of the talk and appreciate the new knowledge that are really new to us.

Eventhough as an undergraduate student; I am not really close to the benefits of the Real Time PCR knowledge and applications at this time, but personally I have learn some good tips to come out with good scientific research presentation and this really can help me in constructing my current research project.
It's me and some of the colleagues at the end of the talk

P/S: Do research, and you will be one step a head from other people.


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