Monday, December 14, 2009

Start blogging, yeah!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello..

Yeah, da siap juga setup my personal blog ni. Sebelum ni cume bace blog orang je, sekarang da ade blog sendiri, so boleh tulis apa saja. Kenape nak tulis blog? saje? erm, xla.. blog ni akan menjadi rekod sejarah my life and ideas. Dulu, i dont think like writing a diary. Rase macam jadi anak dara n xcool laahh.. hehe..

But it's different now a day, blogging has been a medium where thoughts and opinions are shared with other people. Most modernist da ade blog masing2. So, it's never too late to start for me. Just think of something and start writing. (apekah yang aku merepek di atas ini??)

I know it's quite messy for the 1st ever post. It's ok then. Let this be the 'control post' which I can use to improve my blogging skills.

Well, I prefer maths or calculation than reading, and I prefer talking than writing. Maybe those are the reasons why I did not start blogging in the first place. But let's change. As I can see blogging can benefit me and others in many ways, lets take the challenge of writing and just do it now..! =)

Ok, for this blog, I will write about my life, what i do everyday, my ideas, entertainment, sports, religion.. and anything that comes across my mind. I will write as much as possible and make it a habit of mine. =)

For those who visiting my blog, thanks in advance and your comments for improvement are much appreciated. Maybe we can share or change ideas and opinions. It will be great right? =)

P/S: Introduction post yang agak huru hara. hehe, Macam2.


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