Saturday, April 16, 2011

What N.I.Z.A.M stands for?

This is one of the exercises that I did during the first day of Finishing School Course -Personal Grooming session at Al-Razi Training Room, CUCMS with Dato' Atikah Adom, MD, ATK Communications Sdn Bhd.

The exercise is simple.

We just need to find positive words that suit our short name. So what words did I find in my name? Let see..

N - Noble
I - Impact
Z - Zenith
A - Accountable
M - Motivated


According to Macbook dictionary:

Noble means righteous, virtuous, good, honorable, proud, glorious, worthy, moral, ethical, reputable.

Impact means influence, significance, effect, strike, meaningful.

Zenith means highest point, top, peak, crown, prime.

Accountable means responsible, liable, answerable, explainable, understandable.

Motivated means driven, inspiring, positive, confident, pushing, activator, encourage, inspirit, fire with enthusiasm.

I feel great with my name. =)

So, how about yours? ^ ^


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