Saturday, May 8, 2010

Log book secret exposed

Today I want to share with you guys about what my mentor said about me in the reflection book. Sebab itu ia dinamakan log book secret exposed! hehe.. Ni semua apa yang my mentor tulis as comment sepanjang 3rd year. So, here we go:

3rd year 1st semester:
1st reflection:

I wrote: I am regretful for not being more discipline
Mentor replied: work on this

Mentor last words: Some people have the talent in them to make business. But you need the skills to be able to have a GOOD business. So, what you have going on for yourself is REALLY REALLY good. I'm so proud. I'm also glad that for now you are able to and you pandai manage your time btw business and study. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki you, InsyaAllah.

2nd reflection:
I wrote in the Academic SWOT: lazy to ask during class eventhough I really didn't understand.
Mentor replied: Please work on this, Rugi tau.

I wrote in the Non-academic SWOT: Managed to be neutral when people quarrel.
Mentor replied: Keep it up.

I wrote in the Niat: I wish that my mentor, will be strong to handle all the stresses and difficulties that she had and was facing.
Mentor replied: Auww... Thank you.

Mentor last words: I regretted this. I mean, I should not have included any of you with my problems. Should have been more professional. Sorry.

My reply to mentor (dalam hati): You have tried your best to be professional enough in front of us. You have thought me how to handle stress and emotions calmly when it comes to hard situation. Anyway, thanks for sharing your problems with us. Hope that it helps you. =)

3rd reflection:
I wrote in the Non-academic SWOT: able to manage my limited financial accordingly.
Mentor replied: Teach Me!! : )

4th reflection:
I wrote in the Academic account: Pharmaceutical analysis 2 paper was easy, but I think I did not do well for SAQ & Essay.
Mentor replied: Hey Hey!! It wasn't easy. You studied!!

I wrote in the Niat: Thanks to all my lecturers, you all are the best.

3rd year 2nd semester:
1st relfection:
-tiada papa comment daripada mentor.

2nd reflection:
Mentor wrote in the academic account: I'm glad that you had fun (regarding the research project kot)

I wrote in the Niat: Work is work, but I'm a human, not machine. I will try to allocate time for my love ones.
Mentor replied: Wow!! this is new. : )

Mentor last words: Keep up the good faith and optimism. Manage your time well. In future, don't wait till there is an event for you to have fun. You must always allocate time to have fun, de-stress and relax.

3rd reflection:
Mentor last words: Salam, Nizam now you're starting to see and experience the 'real' life. Sometimes people do things that we find it doesn't make sense. Now, this is only a little exposure. But when you get into the working field, unfortunately it gets worse. So many different type of people characters and attitudes that you have to deal with. But that is how the world goes around. So I hope you live through your life by adapting. Don't blame others and yourself if something goes wrong. But be strong and try to make the best out of everything. Challenges will only make you stronger.. InsyaAllah!


Itulah dia sikit sebanyak pesanan my previous mentor, Ms Ismin Izwani Zainol Abidin. It's true, I learnt a lot from the reflection sessions, eventhough sometimes the reflection session seemed to be a 'chatting' session, but indirectly, I can grab something. Something important for my survival.

As this semester is ending soon, I will get a new mentor, and maybe new reflection mates.

To Ms Ismin, thanks for being such a good lecturer and mentor for us. We will always remember you.

All the best for your study (PhD) and insyaAllah we will meet again. At that time, for sure I need to call you Dr Ismin. =) Do pray for my success!


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