Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Nizam Malek!

I tried to come out for awhile from my busy working life..

Just to wish my self, a Happy Birthday..

26 April 1987

A cute boy was born..

With hopes and prays..

Firstly, I would like to use this special opportunity to thank both my parents..

Because of them, I'm present to this world..

To have a chance to taste the sweet and bitter in life..

and many more..

Thanks mama and abah..

Please forgive all my sins and bad..

I beg for your forgiveness, prays and redha..

I will try to strive for the best..

Because my success represents my parents' success in raising me up..

May Allah bless both of you always..

At the age of 25..

I completed my studies..

I got my degree and have a good career now..

I feel a lot better compared to the few years back of struggling time..


But this is not the end of everything..

I'm just starting a new life..

There are a lot more responsibilities and stories will come later..

Hope that I will stay strong enough to go through all the challenges..

Ah, I forgot that this is a post of my Happy Birthday..

It should be even much more 'Happier!' right? =)

I will be waiting for gifts from all of you..

I like to receive gifts! =D

Lastly, Happy Birthday Nizam Malek!

Stay smile and happy always!! =)

P/S: Thanks to all juga yang telah sudi wish for my birthday sepanjang hari ini. Saya sangat menghargainya. =)


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